Barba is a sailing vessel used as a platform to inspire and to communicate with nature in the greater context of conservation.  

Our key expertise is interacting with the marine environment, at times under technically challenging conditions in remote locations. We work with scientists and conservationists, and use the media to raise awareness, inspire and to transfer the conservation message.

From her homeport of Stavanger, Norway, Barba has ventured as far as the pack ice surrounding the North Pole. We have encountered polar bears and whales, flagship species of the Arctic that we use as part of the storytelling. For the past three winters, we have worked specifically with orcas in Arctic Norway in what has developed into a science project.

The work ethos is based on operating Barba as a green self-sufficient platform in the field, while always striving towards getting the best possible obtainable result regardless of the task at hand. We always work and operate as a team, and as such market our work with the Barba brand.

The boat and concept are named in memory of the family dog Barba. She was a great companion with an admirable appetite for the good and simple things in life such as food, friends and outdoor activities. As with any good friend and dog, Barba was above all a trustworthy and loyal companion.

Barba is the result of years of voluntary work from our shore and offshore crew. We are always keen to meet with new adventurers wanting to take part in inspiring people to care for nature and the values therein.




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