Barba is the perfect platform for a wide range of activities as she can accommodate a lot of equipment as well as and give us access to areas which are inaccessible by ordinary means of transport. The core activities includes diving, paragliding and skiing. We are always to new ways of exploring nature, and encourage people from all parts of the world to join us.

Animal encounters

One of the favourite past times on board Barba is animal spotting. At the first sight of whales, dolphins and friendly looking killer whales we jump in hoping for some attention.


Barba never leaves home without diving equipment on-board. Some pictures from previous trips hopefully helps explains why. The underwater scooter Mojo is currently in the starboard cabin aft waiting for new adventures.


The latest innovation in the arsenal of sporting equipment on-board Barba is a paraglider. Primarily chosen as flying is a rather cool thing. In addition, it requires nothing but a mountain, a pair of hiking shoes and the paraglider itself to take to the skies.


A favourite past time when sailing is video and still photography. All photography in this blog originates from our trips, and are shot by the participants and shared equally.

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Svalbard 2015 – To the worlds end. – Barba sailing past the the Bråsvellbreen glacier in Svalbard. By Daniel Hug.

With the sailboat Barba – From Stavanger Norway. By Andreas B. Heide

The background story – Rolf-Erik Poppe, with the “Fjøløy” lighthouse in the background, the fall of 2012. By Daniel Hug.

Sy Barba – Based in Stavanger Norway – In the Lysefjord, east of Stavanger. By Terry Ward.

With the North Atlantic as greater venue – At the Utvær island, westernmost point of Norway, Easter 2014. By Andreas B. Heide.

Greenland – East coast of Greenland, 2012. By Andreas B. Heide.

Iceland – South coast of Iceland 2012. By Andreas B. Heide

Faroe Islands – West coast, 2013.By Terry Ward.

Jan Mayen – Barba at anchor at the Arctic island of Jan Mayen in 2012. By Henrik Wold Nilsen.

With adventure as the ultimate goal – Greenland East coast 2012. By Andreas B. Heide.

Diving with icebergs – Greenland East coast 2012. By Andreas B. Heide

Swimming with whales – Andreas and a humpback whale, Greenland East coast 2012. By Ketil Christensen.

Scailing mountains – The 2277 meter tall peak Beerenberg at the Jan Mayen Island, with Andreas B. Heide and Jon Grantangen standing on the top. By Henrik Wold Nilsen.

Hanging out with doplphins – Andreas with a dolphin in the background,  North Sea 2011. By Henrik Wold Nilsen.

Exploring the elements – Andreas diving in Silfra, Iceland 2012. By Fredrik Jensen.

Interacting with nature – Orcas outside Andenes, Vesterålen, Norway, winter 2015. By Andreas B. Heide.

Soaring with the birds – Andreas paragliding at Jan Mayen in 2012. By Henrik Wold Nilsen.

Follow the adventure – Daniel engaged in sail training outside Stavanger the fall of 2012. By Rolf-Erik Poppe.

Welcome onboard – Stavanger 2014. Aerial kite image.