Arrival of the migration workers

Ida steering through stormy weather

Andreas, Martin and I have been looking forward to seeing some new faces for a while, actually, since leaving port in Stavanger. After five days, even a Swede and a French seemed like a good idea to spice up the group dynamic.

We arrived yesterday in Florø to pick up our new crew members, Ida Neuman and Robinson Leloup, our migrating work force from the European Union. The ocean Gods gave them a baptism of ice and fire with strong headwinds and opposing current. Going full throttle, we fought our way through the scattered islands along the shore.

Below: Taco feasting in harbour at Hærland

Taco dinner

The original plan was to head back to Alden, but the stubborn and harsh weather forced us to seek a harbour in Hærland which is a bit closer to Florø. The joy of having new cewmembers climaxed with a perfeclty orchestrated taco dinner, which left us all incapacitated and very satisfied. The weather forecast for Thursday promises a miserable gale from the South. We will seize the opportunity to explore our current location – Barba style.


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