Video report from the Shetland to the Faroe Islands transit

Leaving Lerwick – Sailing and then stop! Torshavn.

We left Lerwick in a good mood and with a lot of team spirit. We had a new gennaker on board. All of the crew was eager to see what this new sail was good for. The currents followed us out quickly while we navigated smoothly around a bunch of small islands that someone has spread randomly everywhere. While we were admiring the beautiful landscape, a variety of seabirds showed up, we drank English tea and chatted about how life […]

Live From The Field

With the engine at 2000 rpm, we should be doing 4 knots, but thanks to the Yell Sound streams, we’re at 10. Nice, but study the maps carefully!  

Shetland du gamle du grå

Shetland er ikke mer enn en svipptur fra Norge. Likestillt med å stikke på kiosken eller toge til Oslo. Kysten er kald, flat og gul med et tåkeslør favner rundt øyene som et kaldt gufs. Havna er tom , husene er grå, av stein og ujevn i fargen, det blåser. Kystvakten kaller oss opp over radioen for å la oss vite at de vet at vi er der. De kaller oss opp igjen for å fortelle at de har fått […]

First port. Lerwick

We reached Lerwic about 16.00 this afternoon, way much earlier than we had expected. Lerwick is the main port an capital of Shetlands and has a population of about 7000. Notable cities to Lerwick is Aberdeen, Bergen and Torshavn. Knowing that Lerwck derives from old norse and shares the name with a norwegian place called Leivik makes us feel home, and showes the islands close connctions to Norway in the old ages as well as during the world wars where […]


Finally, after years of dreaming and months of planning Memento Mori has left port in Bergen Friday July 9 at 22.00 hours local time. For the next two weeks Ketil, Glenn, Harald, Martin and Dan will sail the white lady via Shetland and The Faroe Islands to Iceland, with Greenland as the ultimate destination. In Reykjavik Martin and Harald will be replaced by Nikolai, and myself. For me Its the first time not beeing onboard as Memento Mori emarqs on a longer trip. As I watched […]

Hvordan sy en pølse og ellers ymse forberedelser

Above: Doctor Ashraf teaching Glenn and Andreas how to set stitches with a sausage as a patient. Potential useful skills for Greenland. Kunsten å kunne sette sting er en kunst jeg lenge har hatt lysten til å beherske, og behovet ble litt mer prekært nå som ekspedisjonen stod for døren. Planen var klar. Torsdag klokken 22.00 skulle Glenn, et stykke bacon og jeg møte spirende legestudent Ashraf Pakzad i båten for å få opplæring av sistnenvte i kunsten å sette […]

De som blir med

Han som blir med, finner den vises sten på stien og lemper den i skogen og tenker ikke på den igjen Han som ikke blir med, går gjennom krattet, synger på en salme og tar den med hjem.


Departure day is approaching rapidly. As always its hectical, and sleep deprivation is an essential ingredient the last week before departure. Things are starting to come together though. The homepage will be launched today, and the boat is still afloat in Bergen harbor. Ketil and I made the first satellite phone call yesterday, ensuring communications with the vessel while en route. It was a one minute call filled with joy setting us back two dollars, but well worth it. Tomorrow […]

Håkon Håkonson – King of Norway and Greenland.

Snorri Sturluson wrote of Håkon Håkonsson who was king of Norway between 1217 and 1263.The king’s envoy to Greenland came back with the message that the Greenlanders were subject to pay tax and put under the laws of the norwegian king (manna bot). Although the murder was taken place in Greenland under the the star of Polaris (leidarstjernen). Sturla continuing lay in Landnåmå. Translated in a way.