Håkon Håkonson – King of Norway and Greenland.

Snorri Sturluson wrote of Håkon Håkonsson who was king of Norway between 1217 and 1263.The king’s envoy to Greenland came back with the message that the Greenlanders were subject to pay tax and put under the laws of the norwegian king (manna bot). Although the murder was taken place in Greenland under the the star of Polaris (leidarstjernen). Sturla continuing lay in Landnåmå. Translated in a way.

Eirik Raude (Eirik the red)

Kalaallit Nunaat as Greenland is named by the inuits is the worlds largest island. A big lump of ice that clearly on the North American tectonic plate but is subject to rule from Denmark. It was Erik the Red who discovered the island around 1000 after being exiled from Iceland, by decision of the Althing.

Sailing instructions from norway to Greenland according to The book of Haukr (Hauksbòk)

Haukr Erlendson wrote one of the few medival manuscripts of which the author is known.. -From the the West coast of Norway you sail west and keep far north of the shetlands until you could barely see land.