Trondheim pit-stop

In her relentless but pleasant chase North, Barba detoured inland to the city of Trondheim over the weekend. This must have come as a surprise to those friends following the position tracker as Barba usually makes for places inhabited by as few humans as possible. We really didn´t know what to expect in Trondheim, other than the fact that it´s the third largest city in Norway and a popular student town. In Barba terms, the town is a bit irrelevant. […]

Batalden – Ona

Barba continues to pursue her push toward the Arctic. We have covered about 280 nautical miles so far, about a third of the distance to Tromsø, our last port in mainland Norway before we set off for Svalbard. The weather has changed from no wind to too much wind, but mostly it has been somewhere in between. Once sailing we go non-stop, with a rather comfortable watch rhythm of two hours on followed by six hours off. Quite a lot […]

The first leg North

Climbing the 490 meter tall Batalden island. Barba at anchor in the lower left corner. Photo by Daniel Hug /  Checking in on night four of our great expedition north, and already that celebratory moment sailing out of Barba’s homeport in Stavanger (and the admittedly stressful preparations leading up to it) feels like quite some time ago. Time’s flown by, as I imagine it will continue to do. We’ve been getting used to life at sea and the jarring rhythm of […]

Departure day

Departure day At 17.30 today, we sailed aboard Barba out of Stavanger. If everything goes to plan, we will be back in port in southern Norway in about four months, on October 10. The master plan includes swimming with whales, meeting polar bears and circumnavigating Svalbard. At the moment, however, this is all on the distant horizon. For the last three days, it has been full-on preparation mode with the boat. Boxes loaded with gear have been arriving from remote […]

Barba reporting for Yale Climate Connections

A love of the world’s oceans and wild places can only go hand-in-hand with awareness and concern for our planet’s changing environments. And the Arctic wilderness, perhaps more than any place else on the planet, is the setting for change that’s playing out on an unprecedented scale – albeit far from the eyes of most of the world.    So it is with great pride that the Barba crew will be reporting periodically for the broadcast and online climate change […]

2015 Expedition – The master plan

Barba will set out on her greatest expedition to date on June 20, 2015, sailing from Stavanger in Southern Norway to the Arctic island of Svalbard and subsequently attempting to circumnavigate the archipelago, if ice conditions permit. The journey covers 3,400 nautical miles / 6300 km and will take us as far north as 80.5 degrees to the world’s end, a place inhabited by only a few souls, among them polar bears and the other fabled animals of the Arctic. The […]

Cruising in Stavanger

This video was shot during an autumn sailing trip in the Stavanger region in southern Norway. It features the sail boat Barba and her crew on a typical adventure, exploring nature and interacting with the elements in spectacular surrounds. The journey began in the Kvitsøy archipelago with seal encounters and diving. Then we set off into the legendary Lysefjord, where we climbed the Flørli stairs and later completed a successful paraglider flight off one of the best-known landmarks in Norway, […]

Snorkeling with orcas

Back in February, Terry Ward and I decided to take a little Barba reconnaissance mission to Vesterålen in Northern Norway. The goal was to learn as much as we possibly could about swimming orcas. Herrings the number into the millions gather in the area during the early winter months, and that in turn draws the attention of just about the entire orca population of Norway. Fin whales, humpbacks and other whale species also show up for the feast. As the […]

Easter of 2014 – The highlight reel

A video from our easter sail of 2014. Presented by sailor and Barba enthusiast Mr. Martin Svangtun.

Seal bonanza

Barba sailed out into the darkness Friday evening. We were joined by a man of the sea, Thomas Grindevoll. Thomas is the current Norwegian record holder in the sport of freediving with 84 meters depth in constant weight and 104 meters depth in the no limits discipline. As always we had great ambitions for our weekend adventure. One of the outer islands is inhabited by a grey seal colony. With a short window of calm weather, we hope to be […]