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Barba and the Orcas – The video

A video summary from spending three weeks in Senja Norway with Barba, the winter of 2016. For the background story, see previous blog posts from the expedition.

Humpback chasing herring

The whale adventure summarized

Featured image, a humpback chasing herring. Photo by Tony Wu.  The whale expedition came to an end as planned Friday February 5th, with Barba returning to Tromsø to get some well deserved rest. She had seen 10 days and 1500 km of sailing from Stavanger, followed by 3 intense weeks interacting with the whales in Hamn, Senja. It had been quite the challenge for the crew, but also one of our most spectacular nature interactions to date.   Close up with a humpback. […]

Orcas, humpbacks and herrings

Tony steaming towards a diving humpback.  Barba has relentlessly been patrolling the waters of the island Senja for the last couple of weeks. We look for our chubby friends close to land and underwater reefs where we think it´s likely that they will start eating herring. Video of whales, and Tony seeing the sun for the first time in two weeks.  The herring is a pelagic fish that can reach 40 cm in length and weigh up to 500 grams. […]

The first orca close encounter

It was the second day of the Barba whale expedition in Hamn, Senja. The birds were flying next to a small cove in large numbers, and we could see the distinct orca dorsal fins slicing through the water. Tony and myself were approaching in the dinghy, wearing our wetsuits. Action time. The dinghy, used for quick and easy access as well as to venture into shallow waters.  Although we had seen numerous humpbacks and orcas the previous day, we had […]

In pole position

Barba defied temperatures of -20 Celsius and made it to Tromsø on January 11th, early in the morning, thus providing evidence that sailing the Norwegian coast during winter time is not such a big deal. Despite the couple of gales we experienced, the wind was blowing mostly offshore during the transit and the sea was mostly flat. The main challenge was nighttime navigation, with the days growing progressively shorter as we sailed North. We saw the sun for the last time at the island […]

Barba migrates North

Late in the evening January 2 Barba slipped into the darkness, leaving the comfort of home behind yet again, chased north by a gale. The destination is Northern Norway, with a first stop in Tromsø, where we will be joined by two fellow adventurers flying in from Kyoto Japan, and Florida US with a few additional surprises joining down the line. Planned route. Sailed from Stavanger January 2, rounded Stadt January 4 with Tomma as current location January 7. Eta Tromsø […]