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Great big story

A 2 minutes video from the 2016/17 orca expedition, put together by CNN Greatt Big Story. Great edit and outreach, with over 4 million views in social media to date. Enjoy!

Summer update and future prospects

It´s been a relaxed summer in the homeport of Stavanger, with only shorter excursions to the pleasant and welcoming fjords and tranquil archipelago facing the North Atlantic. Following 4 months in the Arctic, of what was one of the most demanding undertakings to date, it has been a well-deserved rest.   Jaap van Rijckevorsel on watch during an earlier winter migration. He has spent the late summer trying to reach the North-Pole. We look forward to seeing him again this […]

Barba office update

Above: A screen grab from a video shot by Matthew Ferraro, with myself hanging out with three adolescent  orca bulls. The star of the show, Barba, is resting in port waiting for warmer weather with essential upgrades and maintenance in progress. Her humble servants have lately been working with the storytelling side of things. The hope is that we can take the step up from short stories to making our first proper documentary. It´s a monumental task, and it requires somewhat […]

Sailing, Mosken and seals

Having made it to Bodø, we had covered most of the distance between the port of Stavanger down south, and the whales up north. Heidi flew back home to Finland to continue her studies, and we received reinforcements from further east. Svetlana Romantsova came flying in from Moscow, and Barba was to be her first time out sailing. She is a professional photographer, and knows Kari from the kite surfing circus. Featured image – A grey seal cub at the Mosken […]

Lovund seen from the sky


Barba at anchor on the south side of Lovund. By Lars Korvald.  Barba continues her relentless push towards the north. The days are becoming shorter, and it´s getting colder, as expected. Normally we could have added some sentences on how we battle with the wind and elements. To date, October has still been dead calm, with virtually no wind, and exceptionally good weather. Selfie by Kari, in Brønnøysund. The northern lights are leading the way! Since Brønnøysund, the skyline has […]

Pit stop in Trondheim, and then the next push North

A random peeing stop for Truls somewhere along the route. By Lars Korvald.  Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and the home of many good things. This was not our reason for making the detour into the Trondheim fjord. As with the Svalbard expedition in 2015, Barba was to get a safety check of the rig, with the help of our good friends at Maritimt Kompani. Trondheim is the last chance to get technical assistance of this kind […]

Stavanger – Trondheim, the first leg

Sailing out from Stavanger. From the left,Truls, Kari, Dag and Heidi.  And so it was, Saturday October 1st Barba threw her moorings and headed north. Tons of gear had found it´s way onboard, as well as food for a week. It was as usual hectic, and the glue from installing the new instrument panel was still drying as we sailed into the sunset. Rule number one is to get gear and crew onboard. The rest can be resolved on the […]

Winter is coming, and Barba is heading North

At the island of “Alden”, outside Florø. From the left, Kari, Truls, Andreas, Heidi and Dag. More about the fabulous five in the next blog post.  It´s been somewhat quiet on the Barba blog lately, and you might think that we have taken shelter for good in the rather civilized town of Stavanger, in southern Norway. Sailing-wise it has indeed been a quiet summer, with only short excursions from home venturing into the fjords and out at sea for paragliding, […]