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A happy new year and a big thank you from the Barba crew!

It has been somewhat silent on the Barba blog lately. Following 112 days out at sea we were all rather pleased to return to normal life following a couple of weeks of acclimatization. The Barba spirit remains intact, and we have been working behind the scenes with the aftermath from our greatest expedition to date. 50 000 photos or so have been sorted, with some being sent to magazines, sponsors whereas other have been hand picked for storytelling purposes in […]

Easter of 2014 – The highlight reel

A video from our easter sail of 2014. Presented by sailor and Barba enthusiast Mr. Martin Svangtun.

Easter in the fjords

Featured image: Robinson doing the pendulum from the mast My name is Robinson. And still, this is my first sailing trip! A couple of weeks ago, when Martin mentioned his Easter plans, I had no idea I would be part of these… and yet, here I am, tagging along with the seasoned Norwegian adventurers of the wonderful Barba. It’s now been two days that I joined the crew and the experience is absolutely amazing! After landing in Florø on Wednesday, I […]

Ferndale, a dive back in time

In 1944 the freight vessel Ferndale was leading a German convoy from Bergen to Ålesund under the cover of darkness. She misnavigated  in the Krakhelle strait, and ran aground. As daylight once again prevailed, she fell an easy prey to British Mosquito fighter bombers that sunk her and the salvage vessel Parat. Barba came sailing down the very same fjord today under slightly different circumstances. The stereo was on, and Nikolai, Mojo (the underwater scooter) and myself were gearing up […]

Ida steering through stormy weather

Arrival of the migration workers

Andreas, Martin and I have been looking forward to seeing some new faces for a while, actually, since leaving port in Stavanger. After five days, even a Swede and a French seemed like a good idea to spice up the group dynamic. We arrived yesterday in Florø to pick up our new crew members, Ida Neuman and Robinson Leloup, our migrating work force from the European Union. The ocean Gods gave them a baptism of ice and fire with strong […]

Hiking high and low

After a stormy night we awoke to a rather relaxed Utvær – draped in sunshine and with light wind. The weather was perfect to set out to explore the island’s shoreline where the huge and powerful waves smash against the rocks.

First stop, Utvær

After about a day of sailing, we made it to our first destination, the archipelago of Utvær. Chosen spontaneously, as the rather streneous start of the voyage made a night in a comfortable harbour, a welcomed one. White wine and shrimps for dinner, steaming out of Stavanger was replaced by  by quite rough weather in the North Sea outside Haugesund later in the night. To add to the discomfort,the diesel tank was leaking so the odor and the rocking of […]

The relaunch of Barba

Easter at last, and heading out again. The destination is Stadt about two days of cruising to the North. Some of the most spectacular coastline of Norway lies ahead. It´s also the official launch day of the new website,, replacing the old The content and concept remains the same. Sailing with a boat full of tools for adventure, manned by adventure seekers. For the first five days, Nikolai Munch Frisak, Martin Svangtun and myself will constitute the crew. […]