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Video from the WW2 wreck, The Ferndale

On her way back from Florø to Bergen, Barba sailed through the Krakhelle Sound where, on December 15, 1944, the vessel Ferndale had steamed through in the opposite direction. The Ferndale had been bound for Northern Norway and loaded with supplies for the German war machine. Early in the morning, however, she ran aground on the cliffs at Seglstenen and a tugboat, the Parat, was sent to her rescue. The following day, 19 British mosquito fighter-bombers went in for the […]

Jan Mayen – the dive

Little time had been spent in the water since arriving at the island. We had one failed attempt to swim with a humpback that kept out swimming us (whales are good swimmers), and one occasion we had to swim a rope ashore to ensure a safe landing. The final day of the final hour before sailing south had arrived. It was time to get the dry suit on, and get into the water. Not the most spectacular dive I have […]

Diving at Silfra in Iceland – a flashback to 2010

Andreas diving with an iceberg

The final day before sailing back to Iceland made for the perfect iceberg dive. In the outer skerries the visibility was not obstructed by glacial melting water. Andreas and his friend the underwater scooter Mojo made a final dive in Greenland for now.