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Greenland – back in the day

A previously unpublished precious moment from Greenland in 2010. Glenn and Andreas beautifully demonstrates the slipperiness of an iceberg.  

Diving at Silfra in Iceland – a flashback to 2010

the Glenn climbs the Iceberg

The Memento Mori crew are all safely reinstalled into society, but the madness lives on in our heads. And for those who were not present, we have some of the goodies on tape. Here is the Glenn, pioneer iceberg-climber. Experience, careful planning, suitable equipment – he’s got none of those, but goes at it anyway. We do have a lot more material, and are slowly working our way through it all – so there will be new posts, videos and […]

Return to Bergen, the end of the Greenland expedition

After seven weeks of sailing the adventure is over for now. Ketil and I are proud to have completed the trip as planned, without a single accident to neither crew nor boat. We have experienced everything from calm weather to gale winds, and though at times demanding we were prepared for far more. What made the trip in so many ways was the crew that we had with us, chosen with care, they delivered and contributed to making it possible. […]

The long way home

After a few dives in the Faroe Islands we set sail towards Bergen tonight. Due to the bad weather in Iceland we won’t have time to stop in the Shetland Islands. No hard feelings though, as Shetland is close by and easily attainable for later trips. As my favorite place to be with a sail boat, the Faroes has not disappointed us this year either. In two days we have seen orcas and pilot whales, explored the caves of Hestur […]

På seiltur med Heide Adventures

En gang i mars: Andreas ringer å inviterer på seiltur. Ikke over byfjorden til Askøy, men fra Island til Norge. Et tilbud man ikke kan si nei til. Eneste hake: jeg hadde aldri vært på seiltur før. “Ikke noe problem, seiling lærer du underveis”. Kunne jo tenkt meg å øve litt i en trygg norsk fjord, men det ble det ikke tid til. Andreas: Vi har tenkt å dykke en del på turen; det bør du være med på. Jeg: […]

R&R in Hornafjordur

Today has been spent putting the boat and crew back together again after our rather rough journey over from Vestmannaeyjar. After catching up on some much needed sleep and nutrition the crew of Memento Mori  started with the now familiar drill of getting things ready for the ocean. Here is the to do list: Check the weather forecast Update the blog with text and pictures Fix the toilet Fill up on water and diesel General TLC on the boat Stock […]

Reykjavik to Hornafjordur

According to Storm Tactics an average sailor spend less than 3% of his time in strong gale winds; so far we’ve spend more than half of our time in strong head winds in excess of 35 knots. After completing the crew change and the last supper the final crew of Memento Mori set sail from Reykjavik Monday morning at 08:00. The day started with some safety drills and 101 sailing instructions before we set course towards Vestmannaeyjar. With the winds […]

The struggle

Andreas and the new crew certainly havent had it easy since they started out – first day they had gale force headwinds and had to cut their journey short by pulling into Grindavik instead of Vestmannaeyjar. Now they have run into another headwind gale – up to 40 knots of stable headwinds and 60 knot gusts. An even rougher forecast for the next two days is forcing them to seek a safe haven. At the moment they are battling upwind […]

In Grindavik

After 12 hours of batteling head winds up to 30 knots and three meters waves virtually stopping our progress Memento Mori makes a pit stop in Grindavik over the night. No attempts to make soup were made. We are currently enjoying taco in port and are preparing for the next onslaught tomorrow. Andreas   Above, Einar S. Larsen with the favorite meal onboard, dry biscuits.