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  • Cod for dinner - departure Jan Mayen
  • Arrival Shetland
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Shetland, touch and go!

The sail from the arctic Paradise Island, Jan Mayen, went quite well. We said farewell with diving and fishing a cod for dinner, before heading south. It started with strong winds, up to 40 knots, and ended in calm and comfortable sailing towards our destination. After four and half days we reached Shetland. Here we have started to re-adapt to civilisation, visiting our favourite Indian restaurant, as well a strolling around in the beautiful Lerwick. Now we head out to […]

Halfway to Jan Mayen

Barba is half the way to Jan Mayen, For those of you who have been following us on the live position update, you can see that we have covered more then half the way to the lost island up north. We could tell all kinds of stories about great heroism at sea, with a crew indefatigably battling the sea. The truth however is that so far it has been smooth sailing. We headed straight north in the beginning, following the […]

Mission accomplished

We reached our destination, the port of Stavanger early in the morning April 8. It was a long way home in many ways. As to expect with a newly acquired boat, we had a lot of surprises on the way. It all started out well with a tranquil passage of the English channel. After about a day of fixing the boat in Dover and fattening up the crew and morale we headed North. With 40 knots of wind announced, we […]

Back to the sea

After almost a year as a Captain no-ship I was relived from my misery on Monday 26th of March. I arrived in Portsmouth to meet my new boat ”Barba”. The boat had been out for rental for seven years, and five intense days of repair and preparations were necessary to make her ready for the sail back home to Norway. The legendary Glenn Kvernmo from previous adventures with Memento Mori and Håvarad Sørbø were supposed to arrive on thursday to […]

Memento Mori sails again

After a longer resting time with inshore sailing in Norway, Memento Mori engaged in its first open sea crossing since the Greenland expedition in 2010. Ketil, Andreas, Henrik and newcomer William Restorff, enjoyed a different kind of Easter vacation by sailing to the British Island of Shetland.  The Norwegian tradition of going to the mountains for skiing was successfully replaced by swimming with dolphins and other Mememto Mori activities. For more photos, see the Barba Gallery. Andreas