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Seal bonanza

Barba sailed out into the darkness Friday evening. We were joined by a man of the sea, Thomas Grindevoll. Thomas is the current Norwegian record holder in the sport of freediving with 84 meters depth in constant weight and 104 meters depth in the no limits discipline. As always we had great ambitions for our weekend adventure. One of the outer islands is inhabited by a grey seal colony. With a short window of calm weather, we hope to be […]

The Kjerag flight

One autumn day this past September, I sailed Barba from her home port in Stavanger into the 50KM-long Lysefjord, about three hours away – my nearest playground for backyard extreme adventures in Norway. The fjord is a spectacular place that I visit on a regular basis and is home to two of the top ten tourist attractions in Norway, the Kjerag Bolt and Preikestolen. My heart raced as I saw the 1,000 meter cliffs of Kjerag come into view, knowing our plan was […]

Ferndale, a dive back in time

In 1944 the freight vessel Ferndale was leading a German convoy from Bergen to Ålesund under the cover of darkness. She misnavigated  in the Krakhelle strait, and ran aground. As daylight once again prevailed, she fell an easy prey to British Mosquito fighter bombers that sunk her and the salvage vessel Parat. Barba came sailing down the very same fjord today under slightly different circumstances. The stereo was on, and Nikolai, Mojo (the underwater scooter) and myself were gearing up […]

How to paraglide to G-festival

The weather at G! Festival was perfect for attending the festival, and for a flying with the birds. What better to do then to combine the two 🙂

The Beerenberg climb

A video of the indefatigable crew of Barba climbing the most inaccessible mountain in Norway. Dedicated to those who declined to come along to Jan Mayen 🙂  

Jan Mayen – the dive

Little time had been spent in the water since arriving at the island. We had one failed attempt to swim with a humpback that kept out swimming us (whales are good swimmers), and one occasion we had to swim a rope ashore to ensure a safe landing. The final day of the final hour before sailing south had arrived. It was time to get the dry suit on, and get into the water. Not the most spectacular dive I have […]

Greenland – back in the day

A previously unpublished precious moment from Greenland in 2010. Glenn and Andreas beautifully demonstrates the slipperiness of an iceberg.  

First flight

My initial dream was to fly down from the Beerenberg. As the Barba spirit is not about being foolish, I had to abandon the plan. Better to walk up and down on the mountain, then to end the flight in a glacier crevasse or the sea. (Of course I greatly regretted this decision standing at the summit 2277 meters)

Memento Mori sails again

After a longer resting time with inshore sailing in Norway, Memento Mori engaged in its first open sea crossing since the Greenland expedition in 2010. Ketil, Andreas, Henrik and newcomer William Restorff, enjoyed a different kind of Easter vacation by sailing to the British Island of Shetland.  The Norwegian tradition of going to the mountains for skiing was successfully replaced by swimming with dolphins and other Mememto Mori activities. For more photos, see the Barba Gallery. Andreas  

Diving at Silfra in Iceland – a flashback to 2010