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the Glenn climbs the Iceberg

The Memento Mori crew are all safely reinstalled into society, but the madness lives on in our heads. And for those who were not present, we have some of the goodies on tape. Here is the Glenn, pioneer iceberg-climber. Experience, careful planning, suitable equipment – he’s got none of those, but goes at it anyway. We do have a lot more material, and are slowly working our way through it all – so there will be new posts, videos and […]

Reykjavik to Hornafjordur

According to Storm Tactics an average sailor spend less than 3% of his time in strong gale winds; so far we’ve spend more than half of our time in strong head winds in excess of 35 knots. After completing the crew change and the last supper the final crew of Memento Mori set sail from Reykjavik Monday morning at 08:00. The day started with some safety drills and 101 sailing instructions before we set course towards Vestmannaeyjar. With the winds […]

Andreas diving with an iceberg

The final day before sailing back to Iceland made for the perfect iceberg dive. In the outer skerries the visibility was not obstructed by glacial melting water. Andreas and his friend the underwater scooter Mojo made a final dive in Greenland for now.