Departure Faroe Islands

Barba is getting ready for the long way  home to Stavanger. It´s been two great weeks here, and we are already looking forward to going back in not too long. Estimated arrival in Stavanger on Sunday.

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  1. Hello guys;)

    Just want to wish you all a good trip home again. It was really a pleasure to meet all of you here in the Faroes. And in this small world we are living in I will bet that we will meet again at at some time. Don’t know when and where!
    But we had great plans last saturday, going skiing,hunting,sailing etc….. 🙂

    If any of you ever are planning to come to the Faroes again, and need a helping hand with something… Just give me a call..

    The other swimming captain 😉

    • Dear Jon,

      It was a great pleasure to find out that I have a captain brother in the Faroe Islands! We will meet again for sure. Thomas and I have agreed that you should come and visit us this fall. We meet again soon!

      Best regards,


      PS: Bring your swimming gear if you come to Stavanger (captains hat, cigar and boxer shorts).

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