The Barba Gallery

The Kjerag flight

Soaring with the birds

Diving in Silfra, Iceland

A dive somewhat out of the ordinary

Jan Mayen

Gallery part I/II

Jan Mayen

Gallery part II/II

Easter Dolphins

Barba encounters a pack of dolphins

Paragliding Jan Mayen

Free like a bird

Barba´s backyard

Assorted photos from the Stavanger homeport region

Winter sailing Stavanger

An ordinary weekend sail in Stavanger

Cruising in a gale

Cruising in Iceland

Diving with an Iceberg

Andreas diving with an iceberg in Greenland

WW2 airplan wreck Jan Mayen

The WW2 Ju-88 crash site


Gallery part I/II


Gallery part II/II

Silfra – the video

Diving on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Faroe Islands

From the summer of 2013

Paragliding to G-festival

Rock festival entry Barba style