In Grindavik

After 12 hours of batteling head winds up to 30 knots and three meters waves virtually stopping our progress Memento Mori makes a pit stop in Grindavik over the night. No attempts to make soup were made. We are currently enjoying taco in port and are preparing for the next onslaught tomorrow.



Above, Einar S. Larsen with the favorite meal onboard, dry biscuits.   


4 Responses

  1. Satt på bar igår og studerte spotten og vindkart. Så ut som dere slet godt med den vinden ja! Lykke til videre.
    Hilsen det akterutseilte mannskap

  2. I will ask my bavarian shaman to make a drum dance, so you guys will have just a nice sailing wind tomorrow… or are you up for more adventures?

    • Anni, please have a talk with this shaman guy again. Its has been quite counterproductive so far 🙂


  3. Oh, I am so sorry. He might have done the wrong dance! (I made a film about him 4 years ago, he might be not as good as he was anymore…)

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