Diving with an Iceberg

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With only a couple of hours leaving the East coast of Greenland, it was time for the final dive. We had dropped anchor at Eric the Reads island, facing the North Atlantic. It was far away from the murk melting water of the fjords, and visibility was good. It was to be an unforgettable dive and remains a highlight of the Barba adventures. The water temperature was just above freezing. Above the surface it was dead quiet. Under water there was the sound of popcorn in the making. As the ice melts, compressed air is released under water, resulting in thousands of small explosions. My good friend the underwater scooter Mojo propelled me down to 32 meters, where the underwater tip of the iceberg was scouring the seafloor. Once back to the surface, I was shivering and unable to properly share the experience with the crew. My face was numb from the cold water and made speaking a challenge for the next half an hour. Fortunately the video tells the story of the underwater marvel of diving with a Greenlandic iceberg.


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