Jan Mayen

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The gallery features the sail expedition to the volcanic Island Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean in 2012. The photos in part I are from the first five days, when we explored the lowlands, with the WW2 airplane crash site, the scenic “Eggøya“, circumnavigation of the Island and fishing as some of many highlights. There is no harbor at the island, so Barba was at anchor for a full week. The closest dry-land is Iceland 500 kilometers to the south. It was a rather relaxing 5 days with rest and recovery and socializing with the 18 inhabitants at the military base.

The climb of the legendary Beerenberg remained, which is featured in part II of the Jan Mayen  gallery. For additional details, see the previous trips section, the Jan Mayen blog updates as well as the published written account (in Norwegian) from the sailing magazine seilas.

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