Reykjavik at last –

Finally, after a 24 hour, 115 nm stretch from the extremely beautiful Vestmannaeyjar, we are approaching Reykjavik port!

The trip from Vestmannaeyjar included a lot of tricky, shifting winds, strong currents and amazing scenery. A whale also joined us for some time, but as our marine biologist Andreas does not arrive until tomorrow, we could not identify the species. It was large and black, and seemed friendly. Go figure.

In Reykjavik for the weekend, we plan to have a party to celebrate our arrival, as well as the arrival of Andreas and Tass. It will also be a jolly see’ya later to Martin and Harald, who will fly home from here.

Now we’ll get dinner and relax for 13 hours. Tomorrow morning we will clean out the boat and do some maintenance before heading off to the blue lagoon. We have deserved some R&R and some TLC!

Reykjavik, here we come.

By the way – photos and more info on our crossing to Iceland will be up soon, some smaller technical problems stopped our uploading yesterday, we’ll try again tomorrow!


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  1. Du den delfinen, hoppa jævla høyt den…
    bare være glad ikke en hval gjør det samme og lander på båten deres:-)


    • De hvalene på Grønland var noen skikkelige pyser, så jeg er ikke bekymret for det. Svømte bare bort når jeg forsøkte å hente de inn. Var desverre en kamp jeg måtte gi tapt.


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