The struggle

Andreas and the new crew certainly havent had it easy since they started out – first day they had gale force headwinds and had to cut their journey short by pulling into Grindavik instead of Vestmannaeyjar.

Now they have run into another headwind gale – up to 40 knots of stable headwinds and 60 knot gusts. An even rougher forecast for the next two days is forcing them to seek a safe haven. At the moment they are battling upwind to reach Hofn on SE Iceland but it’s an upwind struggle in hairy seas. If they can’t make it they will have to head back to Vestmannaeyjar before the storm wears them completely out. It’s a 10+ hour return leg to Vestmannaeyjar so that’s a very hard decision to make indeed. Lets all cheer them onwards to Hofn!

While the boys are hopefully enjoying their Ragnarok we can kick back with a nice cup’o tea and enjoy.


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  1. Hi Guys. Your routes remind me of Rockwell Kent, I told you I would put his name on your blog. I personally admire the guy big time, but not because of his art but for the completenss he could live and the complete human being he could become.
    I left Greenland today. Good feedback from Tasiilaq and yesterday I moved the exhibition to Kulusuk, where it is going to be for around one year. I see you are in Iceland. You have my phone, feel free to call me. Take Care.

  2. Utrolig kjekt å se bilder og film, og å lese oppdateringene. Håper dere kommer dere greit gjennom utfordringene på denne etappen, og håper dere får bedre vær på neste etappe.

    • Two knots in average is an excellent speed, and a lot of fun when you ad five meters waves to it.


    • Durchgehalten 🙂 war ziemlich haeftig… 5-6m hohe Wellen sind groesser als man denkt 😉

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