Back to the sea

After almost a year as a Captain no-ship I was relived from my misery on Monday 26th of March. I arrived in Portsmouth to meet my new boat ”Barba”. The boat had been out for rental for seven years, and five intense days of repair and preparations were necessary to make her ready for the sail back home to Norway.

The legendary Glenn Kvernmo from previous adventures with Memento Mori and Håvarad Sørbø were supposed to arrive on thursday to assist with preparations. Håvard arrived on Thursday. Although he has barely set foot on a sailboat before, he was put to immediate use fixing up the boat putting his degree in electronics to use. Henrik Wold Nilsen, our favourite particle physisist from Memento Mori arrived directly from work on Friday, with Cuban cigars and good working spirit. He was welcomed with a hug, and a bucket of water to wash out his cabin.

Tor Håvard Sekse arrived on Saturday, and took charge of one of the most important activities in the boat, setting up the kitchen. Finally, our favourite Glenn arrived. Although delayed by two days, not even a missed flight and failed attempt to get off the train could stop him from reaching Portsmouth.

Late in the evening we sailed out into the darkness of the English channel. After a rather smooth passage we arrived in Dover about a day later where we have been preparing for the next leg of sailing. The wind will send us in the direction of a not yet determined port on the east coast of England.

Adventure at sea finally awaits again.


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Svein Svangtun
11 years ago

Er ikke saa lite misunelig, vill gjerne ha oppdatering underveis.
Ha en god og sikker seilas

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