Leaving Lerwick – Sailing and then stop! Torshavn.

We left Lerwick in a good mood and with a lot of team spirit. We had a new gennaker on board. All of the crew was eager to see what this new sail was good for.

The currents followed us out quickly while we navigated smoothly around a bunch of small islands that someone has spread randomly everywhere. While we were admiring the beautiful landscape, a variety of seabirds showed up, we drank English tea and chatted about how life is as a sailor, about what we could expect on the second leg.

The outer coast bid a steadfast goodbye to us and disappeared slowly into the distance. At the first sign of wind, we put up the gennaker which drove us up to an average speed of 6-7 knots. Small problems with the boat’s construction and design of the genakker gave us a lesson in hand-rolling of the sail, which asked a lot of our weakening upper arms and added to the growing night-fatigue. The night went easily by, with good winds and waves pushing us forward. It was like Neptun the king took care of us again. A cosmic boredom came over us all, when we where sitting ther eating biscuits for no reason and keeping each other company. We watched the instruments changing between 4 and 8 knots and coked warm water to each other.

Life is easy and beautiful beyond explanation ehh.. you just exist. Torshavn came up as a mist in a fifth dimension in the horizon. Some argued against it until they got turned down by the steep cliffs of Faroe Island. Just another land, another port to get to know.

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10 years ago

I hope you enjoyed the Faroe Islands

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