Arrival greenland!

Memento Mori has arrived to Greenland, and what a scene it is!!

on the way over we had near perfect sailing conditions the whole way – a gale the first 24 hours pushed us quite far west, if a bit south. second day gave us a much needed rest after the game and the third day was a perfect 22knots of wind from NNE and 7.5 average speed. Great sailing, and comfortable.

In Greenland we are received by the finest approach this sailor has ever seen – icebergs the size of cities float all about. there are many smaller growlers – the real danger for our glass fiber hull, and we have set a double watch to make sure we dont hit any.

besides the icebergs, the mountains, the air, the atmosphere onboard the MM, everything is crispy crystal clear and beautiful.

whales, seals and seabirds all around us – but no humans in sight.

only the signal on our mobiles tell us that there may be humans nearby.



Greenland-finding Greenland0056-1


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13 years ago

Gratulerer! Høres majestetisk ut! Nyt ferden videre:-)

Waro, Liv Toril og Olsaren
13 years ago


Ser eventyrlig ut dette:)

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