At the summit of Beerenberg, Jan Mayen

Back in port – Stavanger

Barba steamed through the calm waters of early in the morning Sunday, after what felt like a short 36 hours crossing from Shetland.

It was a proud crew and captain that set foot on Norwegian mainland. In three weeks we sailed 2000 nautical miles (3700 km) reaching an island in the arctics visited by an average of five sailboats a year. In addition we climbed Norway´s most unaccessible mountain, the 2277 meters high Beerenberg. Only a handful of people have the chance of doing the same every year.

All this was done without any harm done to crew, boat or nature.

Adventure awaits for those who dares to  seek it. Barba will sail again soon. In the weeks and months that comes we will update the blog with pictures and videos from the mythical Island “Jan Mayen”.




Picture above, from the summit of Beerenberg Jan Mayen, 2300 meters above the North Atlantic 2 o´clock in the morning. 

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