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Orca encounter offshore Stavanger, Norway!

As most of you know, we are quite used to seeing orcas, but this is the first time we get to see them summer time. Also quite special to see them outside my hometown of Stavanger! On Saturday last week we ventured offshore in the calm weather to look for basking shark and pilot whales. When I saw seagulls on the horizon, I had hopes for something big pushing prey to the surface. Sure enough.. We followed the 11 strong […]

Sir David Attenborough and Whale Wisdom

Sir David Attenborough inspired me to study marine biology, and set me on a path for life. He was my childhood hero, whose nature documentaries opened up wonderful unknown worlds. As such it´s a great pleasure to be a small part of the documentary “Whale Wisdom” narrated by childhood hero. This story dates back to 2017, when I was joined by the Wild Logic team to film orcas in Arctic Norway. The team was led by four-time Emmy, and BAFTA […]

Setting sail with a mission

October 5th:  On a beautiful autumn day Barba steamed out of her homeport in Stavanger. With Barba’s terrestrial headquarters (captain’s flat) rented out, she headed North, her destination deep within the Arctic Circle. She has no plans to return anytime soon; a third consecutive winter documenting orcas awaits. As opposed to previous seasons where the camera has been our primary tool of telling their story, the mission for this season is to take the long-awaited step with firm contributions to […]

Hanging out with orcas – a short video resumé

Following  a long adventurous winter up North, Barba has returned to port in southern Norway. In the coming months, we will work on publishing the material, with making a documentary as our ultimate goal. This video contains material from on week when we had photographer and filmmaker David Gonzalez onboard, who manage to capture the action and beauty in a spectacular way. The fortunate free diver is the Barba captain, and the stand up paddle boarder and kite surfer is Kari Schibevaag.