Crew wall of fame

The crew on-board the Barba is the heart and soul of all our undertakings.  It´s assembled subject to the task at hand, and consists of individuals sharing a passion for nature and the ocean.  As with any trip, the highlight is always the interactions of the crew. Whales, icebergs and fear of demise ranges second.

The following is a list of friends the Barba has acquired over time, who have contributed to the adventures at sea.


Andreas B. Heide – Owner & Captain

Andreas is the proud owner and captain of Barba.  He grew up next to the ocean in Stavanger and has been addicted to it ever since. The sea and adventure are his passions and a sailing boat serves as the ultimate tool for exploring them. The expeditions and sailing benefit from his background in the Norwegian Navy with diving, parachuting and maritime operations as key expertise. He is also educated as a marine biologist.


David González Buendía – Photographer

David came onboard  Barba in Tromsø in November 2016, and rapidly made a huge impact as an exceptionally skilled photographer with the Arctic as his area of expertise. He is also a safe bet when it comes to maintaining morale onboard at all times. Originally from Spain, he has been based in Tromsø since 2014. Amongst others he contributed with the whale drone footage, and northern lights videography, which has helped put Barba on the map as never before.


Matthew Ferraro

Matthew Ferraro – Underwater Cinematographer

Matt came aboard in December of 2016 for one week and has now returned to complete the project and shooting of the documentary “Barba and the Orcas”. Having worked for the Cousteau family for over 15 years, he is no stranger to sharing an environment with large marine mammals. Matt plays a crucial role in the success and distribution of the project in an effort to reach as many people as possible regarding the amazing orcas and the threats they face in the wild.


Jessica Cope – Former marine mammal trainer
All the way from the state of Florida, Jess experienced many firsts on board Barba. Not only was it her first trip across the pond, she has also never seen whales in the wild. After working closely with an Orca as a marine mammal trainer for over 5 years, she made substantial contributions with her behavioural expertise to enhance our understanding of orcas in the wild. Jess is an adventurous soul with a girly twist who brings positive energy and a giddy attitude to her surroundings.



Daniel Hug – Mountaineer & Photographer

Daniel got his introduction to sailing during two shorter journeys with Barba in southern Norway. He later joined for the 2015 circumnavigation of Svalbard. German by birth, Daniel works as a geographer in the Austrian Alps and is a passionate photographer and videographer.



Glenn Kvernmo

Glenn Kvernmo – Teacher

Glenn is a true success story for Barba. Prior to sailing with us from Portsmouth to Bergen in the spring of 2009 he had never set foot on a sailboat before. He has since been a key figure on numerous trips, including Greenland in 2010. With a Glenn on-board you are certain never to have a dull moment, and even the most trivial task can result in unexpected and unbelievable results.



Profile Hanne

Hanne Bowitz – Sailor

Hanne was second in charge on Barba for the Jan Mayen expedition. Unlike the average crew member on-board, Hanne has sailed since early infancy. Her favourite past time at sea is looking after the captain and crew, as well as keeping morale high. Barba was very pleased to have her on-board for the Jan Mayen expedition in 2012.



Henrik W. Nilsen

Henrik Wold Nilsen – Particle Physicist 

Henrik had never been on a sailing boat until he was lured on-board to sail from Iceland to Norway in 2010 and has since been a devoted crew member on several trips. He was responsible for the land route of the Jan Mayen expedition, successfully leading the crew to the summit of Beerenberg.



Ivan Kutasov (1 of 1)

Ivan Kutasov – Adventurer & Explorer

Russian sailor Ivan was recruited for the Svalbard expedition after a serendipitous connection via Instagram, where we spotted his incredible Arctic sailing photos. He’s an experienced Arctic sailor, with two sailing expeditions to Novaya Zemlya under his belt. Ivan has also completed expeditions on foot in the Russian Arctic. When not traveling, he works as a programmer in Prague.



Jon Grantangen

Jon Grantangen – Outdoorsman & Explorer

Jon had never been to sea nor sailed before when he joined Barba for the Jan Mayen expedition. After a few strenuous days at sea, he proved himself as a valuable crew-member, steadily steering Barba to the north. Jon is a former soldier and in addition to adventures in the south, he has walked the entire length of Norway. He is currently working as a teacher in Hamar, Norway.



Kristian Nygård – Skipper

Kristian has been onboard for two consecutive seasons up north documenting orcas winter time in the Arctic. He has grown up with sailing, holds 15 years of experience as an officer in the Norwegian Navy and has sailed his own boat for three consecutive years in the Atlantic and Carribean. An exceptionally well rounded sailor and dear Barba friend.



Ketil Christensen

Ketil Christensen- Sailor

Ketil was a major contributor to the creation of Barba and her subsequent adventures. It all started back in 2010 when Ketil and Andreas bought the sailboat Memento Mori in Portsmouth, UK. She was then sailed home and nourished back to life by the two proud owners. Together they sailed thousands of miles, with the Greenland expedition of 2010 as the furthermost destination.



Martin Svangtun – Athlete & Entrepreneur

Martin has been a long time Barba supporter and contributor onshore as well as offshore.  Born and raised in Stavanger, he is a passionate about trail running in addition to all sorts of water-based activities. He is also exceptionally tech-savvy, helping Barba keep up with the current science-tech revolution.



Nikolai Munch Frisak

Nikolai Munch – Diver and sailor

Nikolai is a direct descendent of the famous Norwegian painter bearing the same name. He first joined us as an apprentice to Greenland in 2010 at the age of 18. Now a grown-up adventurer, he is a devoted Barba crewmember with valuable skills. These range from doing his magic in the galley, fulfilling the role as boat DJ and most importantly looking after Barba and fellow crew members.



Terry Ward – Writer

Terry joined Barba for her first ocean crossing on the trip to the Faroe Islands during the summer of 2013. She is a travel writer by profession and a Florida girl, accustomed to tropical climes. However when equipped with a few extra layers, diving gear and an adventurous spirit she quickly adapted to life at sea. She’s made great contributions to the Barba experience, and we look forward to seeing more of her in the years to come.


Profil Thomas

Thomas B. Johannessen – Sportsman

Thomas first joined Barba in the Faroe Islands for two weeks of adventure and his first ocean crossing to his hometown of Stavanger, Norway. Thomas is a devoted outdoorsman who has just recently taken up sailing. We are happy to have him on-board and look forward to seeing more of this gentleman in Stavanger and on the high seas.



1-Tony Wu-BAR_6267

Tony Wu – Underwater Photographer

is a famed professional underwater photographer who has dedicated his life to documenting whales and other marine life. He has received numerous international awards and recognitions, including  first prize in the Underwater category of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. He had his Barba inaguration during the 4 week winter expedition to document Orcas in Northern Norway in January 2016. First and foremost he is a nature enthusiast and a great contributor to the fabulous whale adventure.


Rasmus Tornquist (1 of 1)

Rasmus Tornqvist – Sailor

The patriarch of the Barba family, Rasmus made a tremendous contribution to the Orca expedition of 2016, both with preparing the boat and crewing for the sail up the Norwegian coast in winter time. A sailor since his youth, he is educated as a boat builder and engineer, and races his own boat Bjørksi double handed on a regular basis in the North-Sea. We have learned a lot from this old but youthful sea dog and look forward to doing so in the future as well.