Arctic Sense Begins

Barba and her first crew of five sailing onboard for the Norwegian chapter of collaborative research and communications project Arctic Sense have set sail!

The crew left the dock to a wonderful wave-off from friends and family and an international audience via an Instagram Live feed which is now available to watch on Instagram TV.

Ahead of departure they were visited by NRK, Norway’s national TV broadcaster who featured the departure on the evening news. Watch the news report here (skip to minute 5:12) – in Norwegian.

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You can also keep track of the boat and crew (and their whale sightings via our tracker) here

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this expedition to life on shore and on board especially our main mission partner TD Veen.

Barba Prepares to Depart

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Arctic Sense Chapter 1: Norwegian Coast is now complete, having sailed from Stavanger to Tromsø.
Barba Prepares to Depart
S.V. Barba and her crew have departed Stavanger for the first chapter of Arctic Sense
On June 1st 2021 Barba will set sail on a collaborative four-month scientific and communications expedition and investigative voyage to the polar Atlantic

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