Funding secured for the North of North Documentary

Teaser image for North of North Documentary

We’re thrilled to announce that our documentary project in collaboration with Twin Creeks Production, “North of North,” has secured development funding from Filmkraft.

“North of North” is not just a typical adventure tale; it delves deep into the human psyche, exploring our love for exploration while confronting the harsh realities of the climate crisis in the polar regions. Set against the backdrop of our 2021 voyage to the drift ice north of Svalbard, the film aims to inform, inspire, and engage audiences with the pressing environmental changes happening in these remote areas.

Through positive storytelling, we aim to instill hope and encourage action, highlighting the potential for positive change even in the face of adversity. “North of North” will serve as a beacon of optimism, reminding viewers of our collective power to make a difference.

This feature-length documentary has a planned runtime of up to 90 minutes and will be presented in English. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to this vital conversation through the power of cinema. Stay tuned!

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