Return to Bergen, the end of the Greenland expedition

After seven weeks of sailing the adventure is over for now. Ketil and I are proud to have completed the trip as planned, without a single accident to neither crew nor boat. We have experienced everything from calm weather to gale winds, and though at times demanding we were prepared for far more. What made the trip in so many ways was the crew that we had with us, chosen with care, they delivered and contributed to making it possible. We are also grateful for all help from our support crew in land providing us with everything from gear, to good advice and medical equipment.

In the seven weeks of the trip, we have been to Greenland on the North American continent and covered over 2800 nautical miles (5200 km). The highlights include the ice of Greenland, meeting with people in three different countries, witnessing the greatness of pristine nature and the camaraderie onboard.

For those of you who join us in the sadness of the trip being over, we can comfort you with that the blog will live on for weeks to come as we now have time and internet access to publish photos and videos. Of the highlights we can mention Glenn interviewing police officers and firefighters during a fire in Greenland, the Memento Mori crew climbing icebergs and playing on the organ in an abandoned church in an icy fjord of Greenland.

Furthermore, Memento Mori will sail again and the planning of the next expedition will commence in a few weeks times when the memories of the hardship of being sailing up north is forgotten and nothing but the good memories remains.

So long,


Veni vidi vidci - Familie kai

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13 years ago

It has been a good trip to cross the ocean on the blog with you. Thanks a lot! Have a good return to everyday life … sometimes this is the hardest part on traveling;)

13 years ago

Velkommen hjem. Det har vært veldig kjekt å følge både bloggen og foto/video-oppdateringer underveis. Det blir spennende å følge med etterhvert som det dukker opp mer.

13 years ago

Are you sure? I wouldn’t know what kind of job I could do , after I missed out on the professional part of filming the last time… but thanks for the kind words;)

13 years ago

Velkommen hjem!

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