Barba heading out again

After far too long sailing the inshore, Barba is finally ready to hit the open ocean. We will be sailing for three weeks, with Stavanger-Shetland-Faroe Islands-Norway the intended route. As always, Barba is loaded with diving gear, food, paragliders and good people.

Jon, Henrik and myself will be on for the full three weeks. In addition we have with us our very own journalist, Terry Ward. She will be with us for at least two weeks. Maybe the entire trip. To be determined once she finds out how well she tolerates ocean crossings, this being her first.

Finally, Arne Århus is coming along to Shetland. He is a former world class base-jumper and has now come along to pick up some sailing tricks for his own future adventures, as well as to contribute to the cosiness onboard.

More pictures to follow when we reach shetland. For now stay tuned on instagram and follow our progress on the satellite tracker.


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  1. Great to hear your on the ocean wave..keep us posted on the adventures and exploits! N

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