Barba’s mission is to deliver impactful science communication through bold and visually compelling storytelling.

bringing tales from the Arctic Seas back to shore

From featuring in the Sir David Attenborough narrated-documentary “Whale Wisdom” to providing field support for quadruple Emmy award-winning director Rick Rosenthal and Jaques Cousteau cinematographer John Jackson, Barba works with the brightest minds to share untold stories from the Arctic Seas.


At the heart of our work is to provide engaging storytelling. By combining our passion for the ocean, our experience as sailors and divers working devoted storytellers, we strive towards bringing out an impactful conservation message to the audience. We have a strong human element in the stories we tell. Both by virtue of living the story, but also because we believe that adding a human element helps protect what we are so passionate about.  

A reference case dating back to 2017,  when were featured with the Turner company initiative “Great Big Story”. The video had over 5 million views in social media. It combined the spectacular footage and the human element, married with the skills and know how of a professional broadcaster. The interview and editing was done from New York.

Feature in the documentary Whale Wisdom, narrated by Sir David Attenborough  and brought to life by 4 times Emmy Award winner Rick Rosenthal. We provided the the platform and the know how of how work with orcas in polar regions, and Wild Logic secured the outreach. 

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