An arctic ocean conservation platform for scientists and storytellers

An arctic ocean conservation platform for scientists and storytellers

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What we do

At the core of Barba’s mission is to harness the power of the wind for positive change. Our expedition vessel combines performance at sea with technical precision to navigate the waters in the Arctic circle under sail.

Barba is a fully equipped field-station conducting whale and microplastics research through the collection of vital data in the field and collaboration with established scientific partners.

From supporting award-winning filmmakers to featuring in a David Attenborough narrated ocean documentary, Barba’s mission is to capture and share untold stories from above and below the surface of Arctic waters.

Expedition REPORT:

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Latest news

Captain Andreas B. Heide giving a tour of the S.V. Barba to children druing Barnas Havfest 2024
Discover how Barba and other organizations brought ocean activities and Arctic exploration to life at Barnas Havfest, a free weekend festival in Stavanger.
Teaser image for North of North Documentary
Exploring the human spirit in the face of arctic challenges. ‘North of North’ aims to awaken hope and action against the climate crisis.
Skolelaboratoriet i realfag
Engaging our region’s youth in STEM, Barba proudly joins UiS’s boat competition judging panel, nurturing future innovators through creativity and teamwork.


Barba curates multi-disciplinary teams of sailors, storytellers and scientists

Our vision


Venturing to the icy north pole of our planet, Barba’s explorations help to fill knowledge gaps in Arctic research. We work closely with sentinel species, such as orcas, to study the effects of climate change and plastic pollution on our ocean.

Science communication

At the heart of Barba’s vision is change inspired by powerful science communications. By connecting a global audience with stories and research from  Arctic seas we help people understand the challenges and opportunities for our ocean.


We believe in the power of educating the next generation of marine conservationists, Arctic scientists and sailors. Barba collaborates with universities and secondary schools to support the development of an impactful marine curriculum.

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