On board

Barba is a 2005 model Jeanneau Sun Fast 37. After years of neglect as a rental boat in Portsmouth England she was set free in Easter of 2012. She was then sailed to her new homeport in Stavanger, Norway, where she currently resides.

She is the same model as the boat Memento Mori which was under ownership of Andreas B. Heide and Ketil Christensen. Memento Mori was sailed for thousands of nautical miles in the North Atlantic, with the east coast of Greenland as one of many memorable destinations. Based on the acquired experience from Memento Mori, Barba has undergone a series of minor and major upgrades in order to improve the functionality of the boat.

Barba picture blog

Barba outside the island of Hestur in the  Faroe Islands

Ideally a slightly bigger boat in aluminium would be preferable for many of the intended sailing destinations. The important thing, for now, is that we have a boat which can take us safely to wherever we feel like going in the North Atlantic or around the world if need be. To increase the comfort of the crew and the operational range of the boat, she has been fitted with a diesel heater, autopilot and wind turbine for producing electricity in addition to a vast array of safety equipment. For additional details on the gear we use, please click here.

She could have benefited from a narrower beam, but she is nevertheless fairly comfortable for open-ocean crossings. Normally we bring a lot of gear and gadgets with us when we sail, so we are rarely more than 5 people on-board.

Technical data:

Length 11.39 meters / 37 feet |Displacement 6,300 kilograms |Average speed sail: 7 knots |Average speed motoring: 5, 5 knots