Barba reporting for Yale Climate Connections

A love of the world’s oceans and wild places can only go hand-in-hand with awareness and concern for our planet’s changing environments. And the Arctic wilderness, perhaps more than any place else on the planet, is the setting for change that’s playing out on an unprecedented scale – albeit far from the eyes of most of the world.  

 So it is with great pride that the Barba crew will be reporting periodically for the broadcast and online climate change initiative of Yale University, Yale Climate Connections, while sailing along the Norwegian coast to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard during the 2015 expedition.

Call us adrenalin junkies. Call us ocean lovers. Call us citizen scientists, northern latitude sailors and many other things. We are a multi-national crew of adventurers – alpine mountaineers, military-trained scuba divers, marine biologists and paragliding pilots – who have traveled to the world’s most thrilling playgrounds.

And we know that the personal stories of the people living in these places have the power to raise awareness and protect them.  

While sailing to the Arctic and Sub-Arctic, we’ll speak with scientists and advisors working in remote research and meteorological stations. And, just as importantly, we’ll connect with the everyday citizens along our route to learn how their lifestyles and the livelihoods of their communities may or may not be changing due to a warming global climate.

Our aim is to report the word on the streets and seas from the world’s northern latitudes, ideally accessed by our sailboat.  Follow our Yale Climate Connections coverage.

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