Departure day is approaching rapidly. As always its hectical, and sleep deprivation is an essential ingredient the last week before departure. Things are starting to come together though. The homepage will be launched today, and the boat is still afloat in Bergen harbor.

Ketil and I made the first satellite phone call yesterday, ensuring communications with the vessel while en route. It was a one minute call filled with joy setting us back two dollars, but well worth it. Tomorrow Glenn and I will under the supervision of a doctor learn how to stitch up a wound on a piece of bacon. Next time it could be a piece of Ketils bacon that we are to fix outside Greenland after a Polar Bear encounter. Luck favors the prepared, so hopefully it won’t be needed.

The only thing that is for sure is that we will see grown up men cry when the boat set sails on Friday this week at 1800 hours manned by Ketil, Dan, Glenn, Martin and Harald.

Adventure awaits

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