In the Shadow of Whales

The winter season of 2019/20 was a temporary grand finale of our work documenting orcas in Arctic Norway. It was our 4th season up North, and I had the opportunity to work with a French production team to lead by former Cousteau Cinematographer John Jackson. Cousteau is one of my superheroes, and the reason why I always wear my red wool hat. Needless to say that it was quite the honor to have Mr. Jackson onboard.

20 minutes from our work in the field, made it to the 3 episode documentary series “Genius sea hunter” which is currently making its way around the world. The Smithsonian channel has bought rights for parts of the footage. “In the shadow of whales” is a 4 minute summary of the 3 weeks I spent with underwater cinematographer Kevin Peyrusse, tracking whales under and over water. It resulted in some stunning encounters, with diving under fishing vessels as one of the highlights. It´s a technique I have been perfecting for years, but this was our most successful encounter to date.

The spectacle was documented from above by our long time videographer David Gonzalez, while the now seasoned Baba sailor Peter Svanberg providing the critical dive support topside.

Enjoy the video, and more whales to come not before long.





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