Into the ice

Picture above: Intended route to Greenland, with latest updated weaterforcast represented by the red arrows.


Finally, with the autopilot and heater fixed, Memento Mori boat and crew is ready to head into the ice. Ketil, Nikolai and I paid a visit to the Danish coastguard today. Despite of taking Greenland from Norway some time back, they were kind and welcoming. In addition to providing us with the latest weather info, ice intel and general talk about the ice, they recommended us not to sink on our trip. We intend to follow their advice, and are now as ready as can be.

We set sail in about an hour with straight course for Kulusuk, at about 64 degrees north. The intial plan of sail up towards 68 degrees has been postponed due to heavy ice concentrations. When in Greenland, do as the locals, and that is what we are going to do.

Time to leave port, fish a cod for dinner on the way out, and reunite with our bellowed ocean.


Ice forecast for the east coast of Greenland. Looking good!

Into the ice

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11 years ago

Very good advice Ü Happy travels! Be safe!

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