Renewables UK: Global Offshore Wind conference

On 29th and 30th of September, Barba sailed to Royal Victoria Dock at ExCeL for the Renewables UK: Global Offshore Wind conference. This conference included over 200 world-class speakers and 150 global exhibitions to discuss the future of using offshore wind as a source of renewable energy for the future. 

Andreas was invited to give the opening address at the climate business leaders COP26 breakfast and later presented the Arctic Sense project on the Energy Transition stage. At the climate breakfast we shared Ocean Bottles filled with seawater collected at 80 Degrees North to guests to inspire future action for Arctic conservation. Attendees also had a chance to visit the boat and hear about the crew’s voyage from the Arctic. 

We are very grateful to the support of our partners, such as the Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce, who helped facilitate our participation.

News-O-Matic Article: ‘An Adventure for the Wild’

The Arctic Sense expedition was recently featured in a News-O-Matic article. This online learning platform makes non-fiction news accessible for children, parents and teachers all over the world. 

In the article, Andreas shares some of the wildlife highlights of the expedition with News-O-Matic writer, Alexa Tirapelli, and why these sightings give him reason for hope. We are excited that children in countries near and far from the Arctic will feel a bit closer to these incredible creatures and fragile environment through reading. 

Featured image by News-O-Matic 

Barba arrives to London

A moment of great anticipation and importance for the Barba crew.

After departing Stavanger nearly four months ago to begin the Arctic Sense expedition, Barba has finally arrived to London.

Before the expedition began, Andreas envisioned meeting a political leader in London to share highlights of the journey and specifically gift an Ocean Bottle filled with Arctic seawater as a thank you for the incredible cleanup of the Thames (now the cleanest river of a major city in the world). This would come full circle by using an Ocean Bottle, reusable water bottles made of recycled plastic. By purchasing a single bottle, you fund the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles in weight in costal locations around the world. Whilst in Svalbard, the team made the first step in making this idea possible by filling four bottles with water when they first hit the pack ice,  North of 80 degrees.

This idea became a reality this past week when Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues, visited Barba in London. The team was able to share stories and successes of the expedition and gift the Deputy Mayor a bottle of Arctic water. We are very grateful that she took the time to visit Barba and we very much look forward to future conversations!

The day was made even better by sharing it with Larissa Clark and members of both the Ocean Bottle and Whale Wise teams, seeing one another for the first time in person since the Arctic Sense expedition began.


Featured photo by Sophie Bolesworth

Jan Mayen Arrival

Barba has made its way across the Northeast Atlantic and arrived in Jan Mayen. The crew will soon begin their ascent of Mt. Beerenberg – traveling in the footsteps of Wordie exactly 100 years later.

Follow their summit of Mt. Beerenberg using the inReach tracking link


Featured photo: Hugo Pettit

Chapter 3 begins: Jan Mayen

On 20th August 2021, the Jan Mayen 2021 Expedition, a critical chapter of the Arctic Sense project, sets sail on a 1,200 nautical mile scientific research and historical storytelling voyage to the remote island of Jan Mayen onboard the ocean conservation platform S.V. Barba.

300 years ago, the small Arctic island of Jan Mayen was a prolific whaling station. In just 50 years, the wild population was hunted to near extinction. Left uninhabited, it wasn’t until August 1921 that a British party led by Shackleton’s former geologist, Sir James Mann Wordie, visited the island to undertake its first geological study. Whilst there, Wordie and his team also summited the unconquered peak of the world’s northernmost volcano Mount Beerenberg. Exactly 100 years later, a team co-led by Norwegian Andreas B. Heide, captain of the research vessel Barba, and British writer & adventurer Hugh Francis Anderson, will travel in the footsteps of Wordie to assess and document the island today.


Featured image and video by Hugo Pettit

Sky News interview with Thomas Moore

The Barba crew recently had the pleasure of talking with Sky News Science Correspondent Thomas Moore. The interview was featured on Sky New’s instagram and can be found here.

With Thomas, the crew discussed their recent crossing to Svalbard, wildlife encounters and the research that has been conducted along the way.

A huge thank you to Sky News for the wonderful conversation!

NRK features Arctic Sense Svalbard crossing

NRK featured some of the highlights of Barba’s crossing from Tromsø to Svalbard in a recent video.

Along the crossing to Svalbard, Barba was greeted by numerous cetacean species. The most frequent visitors were white-beaked dolphins, which were almost constantly bow-riding the boat. Much larger than the dolphin, the crew also had the absolute pleasure of seeing multiple fin whales (the second largest animal on earth) and humpback whales. Giulia was able to record the vocalizations of the dolphins on the hydrophone – a spectacular experience to listen to the dolphins communicating live while on board.

Featured photo by Tord Karlsen

Svalbard circumnavigation departure

The Barba team has departed Longyearbyen for their circumnavigation around Svalbard. 

This is the most exciting and challenging leg of the expedition thus far. The team will venture to the pack ice north of the archipelago, search for rare species and continue to collect scientific data. In this fragile corner of the high Arctic, we will explore the occurrence, distribution and health of great whales – sentinels for our oceans.

Nature is always unpredictable, which can be both exhilarating and daunting. However, with a determined team and a suite of scientific equipment – from drones to hydrophones – we are ready to embark on this leg and provide an Arctic Sense.


Read more about the past weeks and preparations for the circumnavigation in the latest blog: ‘The King of the North and preparing to circumnavigate’.

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