Pit stop in Trondheim, and then the next push North

A random peeing stop for Truls somewhere along the route. By Lars Korvald. 

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and the home of many good things. This was not our reason for making the detour into the Trondheim fjord. As with the Svalbard expedition in 2015, Barba was to get a safety check of the rig, with the help of our good friends at Maritimt Kompani. Trondheim is the last chance to get technical assistance of this kind on our journey.



Upgrades in progress at Maritimt Kompani.  

Additionally, we had the sails upgraded with the help of the Barba sail tailor Peter Høeg. The latest sail in the wardrobe is an anchor sail, that will allow for safer anchoring, of special importance when we want to hang out with the whales where spending the night in a harbor is not an option.  The vast majority of the halyards (ropes), which have been in use since Barba was started out as charter vessel in 2005 were changed to latest and greatest Dyneema ropes, specially adapted for life in the cold.



Lars Korvald, ready for two weeks onboard Barba. 

When stopping in Bergen a few days back buying the drone, we got to know the owner Lars Korvald. We recognized him from his outstanding work as a nature, underwater and drone photographer. We liked Lars so much, that we decided to invite him onboard, and thus he flew up to Trondheim, to join us for two weeks.


Truls and Kari enjoying a rather scenic view. Photo by Lars Korvald. 

Truls had a nice sail up North as well, setting foot where no other Jack Russel had been before him. During our pit stop, he took the time to invest in a new jacket, and is now ready for the winter cold. A wise decision. As we sailed out of the Trondheim fjord with shiny new ropes and renewed self confidence, we could se snow covered mountains on the horizon.



Sailing out from Trondheim, geared up and ready. 

The October weather had been exceptionally good until now. A high-pressure system was ensuring good weather, but unfortunately not much wind for sailing. As we covered the open stretch of water across the “Dønna” passage, we finally saw some good winds, allowing for some proper sailing. We anchored later that day, and Kari got the opportunity to go kite-surfing.



Outsailed distance, with Brønnøysund as current location.


As this blog post is hastily put together, we have made it to Brønnøysund, with Tromsø and the whales being only two and half days of sailing away. As the whales are expected to come into the coast early November, we will enjoy a few more stops on the way.





Wind at last!  


The team in the dinghy, with Barba at anchor in the background. 

DCIM100GOPROG0069826.Kari doing what she does best!  


Climbing the Torghatten mountain at sunset. Photo by Lars Korvald. 



The Torghatten mountain with a natural tunnel, through its center.


The Truls! 


5-barba-no-bar_1803 Kari, suspended from the mast in a light breeze. 


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