R&R in Hornafjordur

Today has been spent putting the boat and crew back together again after our rather rough journey over from Vestmannaeyjar. After catching up on some much needed sleep and nutrition the crew of Memento Mori  started with the now familiar drill of getting things ready for the ocean.

Here is the to do list:

  1. Check the weather forecast
  2. Update the blog with text and pictures
  3. Fix the toilet
  4. Fill up on water and diesel
  5. General TLC on the boat
  6. Stock up on food
  7. Feed ourselves

Not necessarily in that order and it varies a little on which crew member you ask.

Having reviewed the weather forecast we have agreed to set sail tomorrow morning about 04:15 allowing us easy departure from the port. We expect winds around 25-30 knots for the first 6-10 hours before this is expected to slowly fade out to a comfortable 15 knots. For a nice change the winds will be coming from the side and moving towards our rear shorting down our journey time and increase the level of comfort considerably.

Thanks goes out to Humarhöfnin for feeding and providing us with internet for the updates.

Memento Mori




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13 years ago


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