Seal bonanza

Barba sailed out into the darkness Friday evening. We were joined by a man of the sea, Thomas Grindevoll. Thomas is the current Norwegian record holder in the sport of freediving with 84 meters depth in constant weight and 104 meters depth in the no limits discipline. As always we had great ambitions for our weekend adventure. One of the outer islands is inhabited by a grey seal colony. With a short window of calm weather, we hope to be able to spend some time with these friendly local inhabitants.

The site exceeded our expectations. What must have been about 100 individuals were scattered around in the area. Some were sleeping on the rocks, and could not be bothered by our presence. Fortunately there were some playful and curious individuals around as well. Especially the youngsters were eager to spend time with us in the water. It was a different kind of December experience, and we most certainly will be returning shortly to meet with our new chubby friends.

Shortly after our visit, the wind picked up, and Barba sailed into to sunset with yet another great adventure in the wake.


Featured music, “Everything that rises” by Moby.

1-Kvitsøy sel-IMG_8524

Sailing out Friday evening.

2-Kvitsøy sel-IMG_8562

Thomas scouting for seals.

3-Kvitsøy sel-IMG_8569 First encounter. Seal to the right, Thomas to the left.

4-Kvitsøy sel-Skjermbilde 2014-12-07 kl. 13.05.05 Grey seals and Thomas playing in the surf.

5-Kvitsøy sel-20141206_162002 Happy captain after successful seal encounter.

6-Kvitsøy sel-Skjermbilde 2014-12-06 kl. 17.51.36

Aerial view using a kite as a platform.
1-Kvitsøy sel-Skjermbilde 2014-12-07 kl. 19.37.34 Three reefs in the main with steady 7 knots.

8-Kvitsøy sel-IMG_8655 First, but not last time we see Thomas at the helm on Barba.

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