Arrival in Iceland!

Above, from the left: Dan O´Brien, Ketil Christensen, Andreas B. Heide, Glenn Kvernmo and Nikolai Munch Frisak. 


After battling ice, whales and stormy seas, Memento Mori has successfully entered Reykjavik port.  The ocean crossing has been beautiful. With strong winds from behind (20 KTS) we were able to keep an average speed at about 7 knots for the first days. This was very effective but it was also wearing on the crew. The last couple of days the wind didn’t blow at all and motor and autopilot guided us safely while we enjoyed ourselves with yet another movie night (ultimate fighting championship) and freshly baked bread. Easy living on the North Atlantic Ocean.

To return safely after an expedition like this is great. We are sitting in the boat and waiting for customs to control us and discussing the last week’s experiences. They have been nothing but mind blowing and I don’t think we have realized yet what we actually have been trough.

Icebergs sized  like mountains, killer whales, wild nightlife with the Intuits and nature beyond compare.  I am honored to have been a part of the crew and I wish Andreas and his new crewmembers good luck on his return to Bergen. It is with a heavy heart that I leave the expedition.  I’ll sail with Andreas and Ketil any day.

Stay tuned!

-NikolaiMF (Tass)

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13 years ago

Do you enjoy the shanty-cd!!?

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