Report from the Denmark Straight

Memento Mori is heading back to Iceland after a wonderful trip to Greenland. Low on food and out of beer but morale is high. Greenland said farewell in the same way she greeted us, with calm waters and towering icebergs. After a while we slipped into dense fog with practically no visibility and the next time we see land will be in Iceland. The fog and calm was replaced by strong winds from the back making our travel so far rough and intense with 20 knots of wind and three-meter waves. As a result we are sailing at a good speed of about seven knots, and expect to reach Reykjavik early on Wednesday, a day earlier than planned.

Glenn must have insulted the Memento Mori (the boat) in some way as she has not been treating him nicely. First he was almost swept overboard by the ropes from the boom in an involuntary jib. Sometime later he made his first attempt to eat soup, which ended in the sink due to the hammering of the waves. The second attempt went even worse. A wave hit the boat hard. Glenn was standing unsuspectingly next to the oven ready to eat his freshly made soup. Seconds later Glenn was flying through the room, smashing the toilet door with the soup following after. Lying in the toilet, covered with soup, battered but not beaten, Glenn cursed gravity. To the worried audience, Glenn is doing fine, and is now enjoying himself with a biscuit on the sofa. We continue our sailing trip to Iceland, with a shattered toilet door, soup on the ceiling and with morale intact.

Photos will follow as soon as we reach civilization.


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13 years ago

Poor Glenn…

13 years ago

Don’t blame SY Memento Mori, but the ocean – soup in rough weather, you ask for it – but a very nice story! Have a nice time at Iceland 🙂 Hans-Aasmund

Kristoffer Lunde
13 years ago

Reading worrying news about a tropical storm on the east coast of Greenland. Hope you are out of harms way and wish a smooth streatch of water for you going to Iceland.


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