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Barba continues to pursue her push toward the Arctic. We have covered about 280 nautical miles so far, about a third of the distance to Tromsø, our last port in mainland Norway before we set off for Svalbard. The weather has changed from no wind to too much wind, but mostly it has been somewhere in between. Once sailing we go non-stop, with a rather comfortable watch rhythm of two hours on followed by six hours off. Quite a lot of time has been spent getting the boat, diving gear, photo gear and other various equipment up to speed and the crew is also working to perfect everything from navigation to trimming the sails and tying those critical knots. We have already passed quite a few charming sights along the coast, which the photos below hopefully illustrate.

Have a nice weekend!




Barba Norwegian Coast (3 of 5)

Terry and Jon on the bow scoping waterfalls in the Fåfjorden fjord.

Barba Norwegian Coast (4 of 5)

Before sailing around Stadt, the western cape of Norway, we had the rare opportunity to access the 12th century Selje Monastery.

Barba Norwegian Coast (5 of 5)

Pictures by Daniel Hug /

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