Finally, after years of dreaming and months of planning Memento Mori has left port in Bergen Friday July 9 at 22.00 hours local time. For the next two weeks Ketil, Glenn, Harald, Martin and Dan will sail the white lady via Shetland and The Faroe Islands to Iceland, with Greenland as the ultimate destination.

In Reykjavik Martin and Harald will be replaced by Nikolai, and myself.

For me Its the first time not beeing onboard as Memento Mori emarqs on a longer trip. As I watched her sail away in the light fog a feeling of slight concern made its precense. Probably a light version of the feeling my mother has experienced all the times I have left for the great outdoors. No need to worry though, the crew and boat is ready as can be and I am shure we will hear from them soon. In the mean time we can follow their progress on the live position update.

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13 years ago

kommer til å savne å låne cash av deg martin.
kommer til å savne å ha muligheten å låne cash av deg glenn.
kommer til å savne dere.


John C. Hanks
13 years ago

You guys are the koolest! And I thoght all that talk at the pub was just pub talk Glenn…now you’ve goen and done it!? Enjoy the ride!

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