First port. Lerwick

We reached Lerwic about 16.00 this afternoon, way much earlier than we had expected. Lerwick is the main port an capital of Shetlands and has a population of about 7000. Notable cities to Lerwick is Aberdeen, Bergen and Torshavn. Knowing that Lerwck derives from old norse and shares the name with a norwegian place called Leivik makes us feel home, and showes the islands close connctions to Norway in the old ages as well as during the world wars where sailors crossed along the same route as we with weapons,  life supporting goods and machinery.

Friday night and Saturday morning started out with headwinds and we all got a bit of a beating in the beginning.
Seasickness was provailing amongst the crew, and most of us fought it off. Martin, Dan and Harald showed great support when Glenn was hanging over the rim early Saturday. Saturday was quiet and spent on deck in the sun sleeping the exhaustion from last night off.

Everyone on board has made new things that they’ve never done before and had experience with boat and sailing. We’ve all been through two dishes that are local amongst the crew on board aleready. Joikakaker from Finnmark and Shepard pie from Ireland which we just got served at Grand Hotel. The rest of the evening we’ll relax and enjoy the gently strict service here at the foggy coast of the Shetland, Grand Hotel Lerwick. Tomorrow we have a look around and if the weather allows, we set sail towards Faroe Islands.





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14 years ago

We have been following your progress and are very proud of you all. What an amazing trip. Sorry to hear about the sea sickness but hopefully that will pass as you get used to it! We look forward to your updates and hearing about your exploits. Can’t wait to read ‘the book’ Dan!! It’s a great idea.

14 years ago

Good morning,
we are following your trip, it`s exciting. Have a nice trip further, and we hope you all are finished with seasickness. We are following you the whole trip!!

Peter and Nina

14 years ago

Cheers, Mum,
Managed to avoid the sea sickness so far – touch wood – though that might only have been because I was the only inexperienced sailor and thus the only one who had to have anti-sea-sickness tabs behind the ears. Keep checking back in to see how we’re getting on. Will be uploading photos soon. We saw whales and dolphins yesterday – stay tuned!

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