Easter in the fjords

Featured image: Robinson doing the pendulum from the mast

My name is Robinson. And still, this is my first sailing trip!

A couple of weeks ago, when Martin mentioned his Easter plans, I had no idea I would be part of these… and yet, here I am, tagging along with the seasoned Norwegian adventurers of the wonderful Barba. It’s now been two days that I joined the crew and the experience is absolutely amazing!

After landing in Florø on Wednesday, I quickly made my way down to the harbour where Andreas welcomed me warmly onboard. Without further due, we set sails South towards our next stopover. The weather on the first day was miserable and it was so relieving to be able to rest after that wet and windy watch.

But sailing has other dimensions that I didn’t consider before. Like being five human beings in such a confined space. From the morning to the night, throughout the day, we all need to take care of each other, make sure the boat is tidy and that someone is leading us in the right direction.

Below: Robinson doing French parkour at Fedje

Robinson doing parkour at Fedje

Anyway, since then, I had the chance to sail in wonderful fjords, be hoisted all the way up a 17-meter high mast, act as a pendulum dangling over the water and I’m just halfway through the adventure.

Thanks Andreas, Martin and Nikolai for the offering me this experience ! And I can’t wait until the next trip. /Robinson

Boys, boys boys

I had been warned. Sailing in Norway between the cities with the most rain per year in the world could only mean a cold and wet Easter. But with an experienced captain and a boat filled with sweaty, half-naked and handsome sailors. Add some nude swimming, freshly caught and grilled clams and cognac and you can imagine how I survived it.

To lie on a sunny deck, looking up at the sail catch the wind and see the breathtaking Norwegian fjord landscape float by is something you should all try. Still a complete rookie when it comes to sailing, but have at least figured out that autopilot is the shit.

Ida enjoying the lovely Easter weather...

Sad to leave this fun crew in the port in Bergen to continue my adventure on bike back to Stavanger. Especially since the male to female ratio now is 11:1 men to women on Barba. Better than tinder! /Ida

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