Eirik Raude (Eirik the red)

Kalaallit Nunaat as Greenland is named by the inuits is the worlds largest island. A big lump of ice that clearly on the North American tectonic plate but is subject to rule from Denmark. It was Erik the Red who discovered the island around 1000 after being exiled from Iceland, by decision of the Althing. Rumors had told him that a man named Gunnbjorn had seen the mountain through the fog, haze on the western ice east of Greenland. That Eirik sailed here on raids with his crew and settled down is for sure. There is also a possibility that he was the first to discover America when the sources describe a rich but inhospitable land in an area that may be Baffin Island in Canada. Reportedly he will be named the country Greenland to attract settlers. Not long did it before it was around 1000 settlers on the island and Eric was lagain a well respected man with status among the population. The reason why the Normannic community died out is not known. The most colorful story is that they were kidnapped by Portuguese pirates and sold as slaves in Tenneriffe. This is supported in that there is a higher incidence of multiple sclerosis in this part of Spain which is a disease of Nordic people more often than South-europeans.

With great respect for this facinationg outlaw and explorer we hope to follow his path east. Better equipped and with better intentions.


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