Sailing instructions from norway to Greenland according to The book of Haukr (Hauksbòk)

Haukr Erlendson wrote one of the few medival manuscripts of which the author is known..

-From the the West coast of Norway you sail west and keep far north of the shetlands until you could barely see land.

-Keep far south of the Faroe islands, so that you can see half the hight of their stail cliffs in the horizon.

-Keep far south of Island. So far that you can’t see land, just the costal bound birds.

-When you reach the east coast of Greenland, look after the landmarks and drift with the stream north around Cape farewell to the settlements on the south coast

If we follow these instructions we most likely would be better off with the climate and the historical footprints. But they flew to the moon didn’t they? We’re the moon sailers from the third moon landing project.


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13 years ago

God tur gutter, snakkes på Island. I allefall Martin…

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